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 Cellulean Product Review:

The purpose of this website ( is to give you an educated and unbiased review of one of the top treatments for cellulite. (Cellulean ).

Cellulean is a popular cellulite cream which was made famous by its appearance on ABC Channel 7 News. The makers of Cellulean claims that users lost up to 2 inches in fat which further put this product in the lime light.

So What Is Cellulean?

Cellulean is a cellulite cream that can be used to diminish cellulite by applying it topically to the affected areas. It is currently being endorsed by many dermatologist as a cream that is proven to work. There have been many claims that some users have lost up to 2 inches of fat from using the cream over a 30 days period.

So the question is: Will cellulean really work that well for you?

In order to answer that question fully, we need to get into some specifics about the cream. We need to know what are the active ingredients and if they have any impact on getting rid of cellulite whatsoever.

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How Does Cellulean Work - Active Ingredients:

The most active ingredient in the cellulean cream is Aminophylline. Aminophylline is actually a well known Asthma prescription medication. However it has been known to have some properties that will enable it to be used as an effective cellulite treatment. This was known from years ago but it was just recently that scientist found a way to get this Aminophylline to the cellulite itself. Aminophylline when used topically works to shrink fat cells by causing them to release lipid fat particles.

The cream cellulean also have other powerful ingredients such as Caffeine, Forskolin, Yohimbe, Vitamin A and E.

However, the caffeine may be said to be the most effective ingredient after Aminophylline. This is because the caffeine will help to dehydrate the fat cells under the skin to get rid of cellulite. The other ingredients: (forskolin, yohimbe) also help to shrink fat cells as well so when combine into one treatment (cellulean), there is no doubt that this can be effective to get rid of cellulite. Vitamin A and E on the other hand will help to tone, rejuvenate and moisturze the skin so that it doesn't look flabby.

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So Does Cellulean Work?

Bases on our independent research, we think cellulean does work! However, we also found that in order for this cellulite cream to be 100% effective, you have to use it along with regular exercises and proper dieting. Just like other medication, this is not an overnight magic formula. But as said before, when this cream is used alongside doing regular exercises and having a proper diet plan, you can be sure that your cellulite will soon be a thing of the past.




Contains The Active Ingredient Aminophylline that is proven to decrease fat cells.

Does not require a prescription

Has been tried and tested by dermatologist and is proven to work.

Smoother but firmer skin can be seen after several weeks of usage.

It visually slims and tones down the body while rejuvenating the skin.

It is convenient and easy to use just like any other topical solutions available in the market today.

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There Are Limited Supplies Available

You Can Only Purchase Cellulean Online at the Official Website .

For the cream to be 100% Effective you need to enroll in an exercise plan and have a proper diet plan as well.

You are still required to pay the shipping and handling for the free trial offer.


Customers Feedback On Cellulean
Real Success Stories As Seen On Official Cellulean Website

It works very well.
I have been very pleased with your product, it works very well. Thank you for your help and your wonderful product! Monica D.

I have seen visible results...
Dear Cellulean: I have seen visible results with your product and will not hesitate to purchase again if needed in the future. Thank you very much, Tammy P.

I am down to a size 4-5...
Well before I ever bought the cellulean I have tried lot's of other different products and none of them work like Cellulean this product is something else I really recommended it to other women because it is great. I have been using it for almost 2 years know and I love it. Before when I was in a diet I lost weight but I could only go down to a size 7 and after I started using Cellulean am down to a size 4-5. Francis S.

I can wear a bathing suit now...
Hi! my name is Violah.. I've been using this products for about 5 weeks now...all i can say is legs, arms, buttocks and belly are very smooth and beautiful..finally!!! I can wear a bathing suit now...Thank you again! Violah L.

I have thighs of steel.
Finally a thigh cream that really works! Thanks to Cellulean, I have thighs of steel. My bottom is tight too! My younger sister, who is 20 lbs lighter, is the only one with the cellulite and sagging now! I keep telling her, "Use Cellulean!" PJ, NYC


Where Can You Get Cellulean To Buy?

Currently the only place you can get cellulean to buy is at the Official Website . There are several options you can go for:

Our Recommendation

We recommend you go for the free trail offer. This way you can test run the product and if it doesn't suit you, you wouldn't have wasted any money. Note, they also offer a 30 Money Back Guarantee- No Questions asked. If you are not comfortable using the cream, just send back the bottle and get your full refund.


Verdict/ Conclusion

Cellulean is made from natural ingredients and so the risk of side effects are very minimal. These ingredients make cellulean very effective to reduce fat deposits and get rid of cellulite. If you are struggling to get rid of cellulite, we recommend that you take the free trial offer before you go and spend your cash. This way if you are not 100% satisfied you can cancel and get your refund. The main point to remember though is that in order to make this cream work as it is suppose to, you have to incorporate regular exercising and a proper diet plan into your everyday lifestyle.

Finally you can get your amazing body back and the best thing is you don't have to spend a fortune on expensive surgery or liposuction. Thank you for reading our cellulean review and we wish you the best in getting rid of your cellulite with cellulean.

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